Kelly adds a visionary level of detail to her work. Her designs are well laid out and very clean. She’s prompt with turnaround without sacrificing quality. Kelly is a joy to work with and applies her kind spirit to every level of professionalism she shows.
Jonathan Irvin, Sublime Geek


I have used Kelly for quite a few years now for all my graphic design and logo work. I have 2 companies, both of which she has designed the logos and graphic design. I have also referred countless people to her because I believe so strongly in her work, her work ethic and her creative design. Kelly provides the absolute best quality work with pride. She is very flexible and does not consider a job finished until I am completely satisfied. Kelly is extremely affordable especially considering the quality of her work. She has never lost her passion or creativity while making it affordable for a small business, on a budget. Kelly is always the first person I go to when I need to make my business look better in print or online. We will be using Kelly for many years to come.
Tiffany Spurlock, Spurlock Sports and Sparkle


Kelly, has and always will be the one person I know I can contact when I need assistance, advice or just someone to listen to me besides me! As a small business developer, nobody has a better grasp on public perception.
I admire the dedication and focus that Kelly brings to the table with everything she does. However, if I had to focus on the one trait that puts Kelly hands down against the competition…. she loves what she does, and she does it for the people and not the recognition.
From Web Design to Graphic Kelly is amazing, but as a person she is untouchable in my eyes. When you combine the talent with the person, you have an unstoppable force. Kelly Horn is that unstoppable force that I will NEVER question.
I wish everyone had the ethics and business sense that Kelly has, this country would be running smoother, with far less greed and far more understanding. In short (Too Late I Know) Would I recommend Kelly? Without giving it a thought, I would trust her to handle my business and feel 100% confident in her doing so.
Don Burr, FanzEntertainment